Myriad Foods
Pork Skin Loaf

Pork Skin Loaf is known as Vietnamese sausage or Vietnamese ham. Myriad Foods Pork Skin Loaf is made from pounded lean pork loin, pork skin and premium fish sauce, wrapped in banana leaves and boiled. It’s unique, tasty yet ready-to-eat dish which is best for family gathering and cocktail banquets.

採用新鮮純瘦肉豬肉、添加豬皮、魚露等材料,再以香蕉葉包裹烹煮入味,豬皮中含有大量的膠原蛋白質, 富含膠質,不但韌性好,色、香、味、口感俱佳。切片後食用口感獨特, 是家庭宴客、餐廳辦桌、雞尾酒會,作為冷盤的美味佳餚。

632 (12 oz)