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Where the Passion for Food Grows!

Founded in 1997, Rice Field Corporation has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of authentic Asian foods in the United States . We produce a wide range of products that will satisfy almost any craving for Asian style food. This diversity, combined with careful production management, has been essential in gaining consumer preferences and winning consumer confidence in our brands. In order to build on this loyalty, we have dedicated ourselves to providing high quality, wholesome and healthy foods that are in line with current nutritional trends.

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The Best Choice for Great Quality

推出包子、饅頭、蘿蔔糕、蛋糕四種系列,產品全程於美國農業部 (USDA) 核可工廠生產包裝,並透過美國食品暨藥物管理局 (FDA) 的嚴格把關。